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Baba Help Line started for Stress, Fear, Anxiety and Depression for BKs

Toll Free Number is as below.

1800 270 5997 

Working Time - 10 AM to 8 PM - All Days

Om Shanti Divine Family,

Spiritual Loveful Remembrance to our Sweetest and Beloved Bapdada!!

We are glad to inform you that Baba’s Helpline is started by group of experts i.e. 

Rajyogi Practitioners, Doctors, Ph.D., Professors, Counselors etc

using Baba’s knowledge and its applications to cure some of the today’s challenges,
i.e. Stress, Fear, Anxiety and Depression using
Rajyoga Therapy only for BKS.

This is a free and non-profit initiative meant for Brahmin family.

 Special Features:

1.    Following Counseling Services will be provided as below:

- Stress, Tension, Fear, Anxiety, Depression and Suicides

- Insomnia (difficulty in sleeping). - नींद नहीं आना

- Waste Thought (Vyarth Sanklaps) - व्यर्थ संकल्प

- Sexual and physical abuse and Nightmares etc.

2.    All sessions are audio recorded for documentation purposes.

3.    Every session is going to be for 30 minutes.

Important Notes and Disclaimer :

1. Neither Brahmakumaris nor any of its sister concerns are running this initiative.

2. This platform or discussions is not an alternative to medical or psychological treatment, therapy or counseling. This is considered as extra help.

3. All ideas shared during discussions/sessions by Sevadharis are their personal opinions and Brahmins are advised to use their judiciousness before acting, as Brahmin will be responsible for all their actions and its consequences. No Sevadhari or admin team to be held responsible for any action of Brahmin/user.


If any Sevadhari either Doctor, Rajyogi, Professor, Counselors or Spiritualists want to join this Sewa for Baba Help Line, please email to



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